Die kulturelle Integration nach Mergers und Akquisitionen (German Edition)

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We also intend to capture the growing need for complex turnkey systems through the development of solutions that can undertake the difficult task of handling varying mixtures of heavy crude oil, natural gas and water at the same time. We intend to continue to target the fast growing oil and gas markets around the world, including Asia and developing nations.

We also intend to use our global presence to strengthen relationships with large original equipment manufacturers. For example, we are currently working with the U. Navy to incorporate advanced electronics and controls into our products, and we are also focused on expanding our repair and service capabilities for naval customers. We also intend to grow our presence in the general industrial market by targeting new applications for our existing products, deploying regionally focused strategies and utilizing our global presence and sales channels to sell our solutions worldwide.

We intend to continue to utilize our strong global presence and worldwide network of distributors to capitalize on growth opportunities by selling regionally developed and marketed products and solutions throughout the world. As our customers have become increasingly global in scope, we have increased our global reach to serve our customers by maintaining a local presence in numerous markets and investing in sales and marketing capabilities worldwide.

For example, we have recently expanded our manufacturing capabilities by establishing a plant in China and acquiring an Indian manufacturer of fluid handling products. Develop New Products, Applications and Technologies. We will continue to engineer our key products to meet the needs of new and existing customers and also to improve our existing product offerings to strengthen our market position.

Grow Our Offerings of Systems and Solutions.

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We will continue to provide high value added fluid handling solutions by utilizing our engineering and application expertise and our brand recognition and sales channels to drive incremental revenue. Part of our strategy is to continue to seek a greater share of overall project value by providing complete systems and solutions, particularly where we control project design.

We believe that the fragmented nature of the fluid handling industry presents substantial consolidation and growth opportunities for companies with access to capital and the management expertise to execute a disciplined acquisition and integration program.

We believe that we can identify a number of attractive acquisition candidates in the future and that strategic acquisition growth will give us a competitive advantage over small competitors through greater purchasing power, a larger global sales and distribution network and a broader portfolio of products and services. Table of Contents Other Information. We were organized as a Delaware corporation in Our corporate website address is www. The contents of our website are not a part of this prospectus. The following table lists our current executive officers, directors, key employees and those who will become executive officers and directors upon consummation of the offering.

Scott Faison.

Nachhaltigkeit in der Post Merger Integration

Thomas M. Michael K.

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2. Juni Kulturelle Integration grenzüberschreitender Akquisitionen / Cite this publication · Claus. Konzepte zur Kulturellen Integration nach M&A. The concept of the "Mergers & Acquisitions" is based on fundamental Cite this publication 1) Merger & Akquisition: Populärwissenschaft oder theoretischer Hintergrund? residual bestimmt und ergibt sich nach Abzug der Kosten vom Erlös. . The Strategic Integration of Enterprises as Determinant Of Merger and.

Steven W. Joseph B. William E.

An ode to the books – The preface

Mario E. Michael Matros. Mitchell P. Steven M. Rales 1. Patrick W. Scott Brannan. Joseph O. Bunting III. Thomas S. Clay Kiefaber. Rajiv Vinnakota. Share Capital. Immediately after the completion of the offering, 41,, shares of common stock and no shares of preferred stock will be outstanding. Table of Contents Related Party Transactions.

Joseph Bunting, currently a Vice President and a director nominee, serves as an officer of Colfax Towers. Payment of this management fee is to be discontinued following this offering.

Change Management in M&A Integration

We have agreed to reimburse the selling stockholders, Mitchell and Steven Rales and certain entities wholly owned by them, for the underwriting discount on the shares sold by them. We have further agreed to pay to our selling stockholders certain declared but unpaid dividends out of the proceeds of this offering. We intend to enter into indemnification agreements with our directors and executive officers.

Table of Contents The Offering.

Mergers & Acquisitions: Fusionen und Unternehmensübernahmen

Common stock offered by us. Common stock offered by the selling stockholders. Common stock outstanding after the offering.

Initial public offering price; price range. Use of proceeds. Table of Contents We will not receive any of the proceeds from the sale of shares by the selling stockholders. Reserved Share Offering.

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Table of Contents Delivery and Settlement. The number of shares outstanding after the offering includes , vested restricted stock units that will be granted upon consummation of this offering and excludes up to 5,, remaining shares reserved for issuance under our omnibus incentive plan. Unless we indicate otherwise, the information in this prospectus:. Statement of Operations Data:. Net sales. Cost of sales. Gross profit.

Research and development expenses. Legacy asbestos income expense. Operating income. Interest expense. Provision for income taxes.

Mergers & Acquisitions: Fusionen und Unternehmensübernahmen

Income from continuing operations. Net income. Balance Sheet Data:.

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Cash and cash equivalents. Goodwill and intangibles, net. Asbestos insurance asset, including current portion. Total assets. Total current liabilities.


Asbestos liability, including current portion. Total debt, including current portion. Other Data:. We believe EBITDA is useful to investors because it is one of the measures used by our board of directors and management to evaluate our business, including in our internal management reporting, budgeting and forecasting processes, in comparing our operating results across our business as well as to those of our competitors and other companies in our industry, as an internal profitability measure, as a component in evaluating our ability and the desirability of making capital expenditures and significant acquisitions and as an element in determining executive compensation.

Further, EBITDA and similar measures are widely used by investors, rating agencies and securities analysts as a key measure to compare companies in our industry and debt-service capabilities.

Depreciation and amortization.